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Alpha Shipping Company SIA offers its clients a complete range of shipping services, including freight forwarding, chartering, ship broking, and ship agency services in all of Latvia's many ports along the shimmering shores of the Baltic Sea. We work personally with each and every customer to guarantee that you receive the highest quality services available at the most competitive prices around.

Ship agency

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Founded in December of 1994, Alpha Shipping Company just celebrated its twenty fourth anniversary as the highest quality provider of shipping services in the Baltic Sea. After twenty four years of helping our customers’ cargo sail the high seas


Quickly and safely

The employees of the forwarding division at Alpha Shipping Company SIA put down everything they are doing when you place a call to us requesting the forwarding of your import, export, or transit cargo. Picking up the phone to dial our office is just about


Pro-active management at a low price

Alpha Shipping Company specializes in the provision of ship management services individually tailored to suit each client’s needs, while ensuring that our ship management remains at the highest level of service with the most competitive fees.


Ship Operations

Ahoy! Our fleet operates between ports across the Baltic Sea and North Sea region down to Mediterranean and Black Sea. The ships commercially managed by Alpha Shipping Company SIA, the majority are equipped for bulk cargo and general cargo, though…



Alpha Shipping Company SIA includes a chartering department well-connected with ship owners, operators, and brokering houses the world over. Our team of chartering professionals works closely with brokering houses in St. Petersburg, Rotterdam, Tallinn…

Risk Management

Risk Management

We at Alpha Shipping Company SIA believe that safety and risk management is very important factor in any business, especialy when you are involved in marine adventures like we are. All possible risks should be carefuly studied, minimised or transferred to


address: Visbijas prosp. 5,
Riga LV-1014, Latvia
phone: +371 67303090
email: please see contact page


address: Visbijas prosp. 5,
Riga LV-1014, Latvia
phone: +371 67389458
email: agency@alpha.lv


address: Klaipedas 19/21-504,
Liepāja LV-3401, Latvija
phone: +371 63401720
email: alpha@ljbirojs.lv